About DSI

According to My Design/Build Project statistics, 90% of  homeowners are dissatisfied when planning and building their home project.

Since 1994, DSI has been the leader in 3D home design from coast to coast. We offer a unique collaborative design process that identifies your design needs and building costs before spending thousands of dollars. Working with a designer and a builder from day one eliminates unbuildable plans, cost overruns and feeling as though you made a big mistake.

We provide more than a roll of drawings, cabinets and paint. The key to any successful project is creating an accurate 3D design model you can afford. This step eliminates producing expensive permit drawings that may never be used, wasting time securing bids and hiring the wrong contractor. At the end of our design process homeowners feel secure and confident because they know exactly what the project will look like and how much it will cost.

Recently we asked our client if she would share her experience on YouTube. She was thrilled we asked her and the video was amazing! If you would like, we can forward you the link via email. d_s_i@msn.com

For more information about our Design Build Process.
Our client talks about how she and her husband hired our building professional partner Gerry Dunleavy.